1886 Biennial Report

Report of the Board of Trustees of the Mute & Blind Institute of the State of Colorado for the Biennial Term Ending November 30, 1886 (no publication place: no publisher, no date).

[Note: In the following tables, pound signs (#s) replace the daggers shown in the original.]
Deaf Mute Department
Blind Department

pp. 43-44
List of Pupils in Attendance During the Two Years Ending December 1, 1886
Deaf Mute Department

Names Postoffice County
Bailey, Frederick Gunnison Gunnison
Barton, Coral Cañon Fremont
Barton, Adelbert Cañon Fremont
*#Beaver, Celia Delta Gunnison
#Brooks, Maggie Denver Arapahoe
Bullock, George Trinidad Las Animas
Burtnett, Eddy Colorado Springs El Paso
Butler, Pearlee Pueblo Pueblo
Calhoun, Katie Greenland Douglas
Canfield, John Brighton Arapahoe
Capehart, Joseph Denver Arapahoe
Cunningham, Benjamin Leadville Lake
Docken, Sjul Virginia Dale Larimer
Fisher, Charles West Las Animas Bent
Goddard, Essie Sunshine Boulder
Guymon, James Mancos La Plata
Honeywell, Cora Pueblo Pueblo
Horton, Willie Denver Arapahoe
Hubbard, Paul Denver Arapahoe
#Huffman, Robert Colorado Springs El Paso
Hunter, Lula Colorado Springs El Paso
Kennedy, Hattie Rifle Garfield
Loughran, Enos Central Gilpin
Mawhiney, Bonita Leadville Lake
*Mawhiney, Virginia Leadville Lake
McGinnity, Stephen Denver Arapahoe
McGowan, Eddie Denver Arapahoe
*Miller, Frank Golden Jefferson
Mortimer, Wilford Denver Arapahoe
*#Nash, John Centreville Chaffee
*Nelson, Freddie Brush Weld
Nelson, Henry Brush Weld
Orr, Jennie Buena Vista Chaffee
Reichenecker, Mary Como Park
Reichenecker, Louisa Como Park
Rodrigues, Nicholas Antonita Conejos
#Stark, Charles Elbert Elbert
Shideler, Maggie Colorado Springs El Paso
*Snively, Harley Berthoud Larimer
*Towner, Lizzie (photo) Otis Weld
Turner, Maggie Pitkin Pitkin
Verger, Floyd Denver Arapahoe
#Webb, James La Porte Larimer
*White, John (photo) Black Hawk Gilpin
#Wilkins, Appleton Fort Collins Larimer
Wise, Willie Denver Arapahoe
Wolpert, David Denver Arapahoe
Wooton, Fidelis Trinidad Las Animas
#Young, Cora Evans Weld
#Young, Grace Evans Weld
Young, Sarah Evans Weld

pp. 44-45
Blind Department

Names Postoffice County
Adamson, J. Bruce Breckenridge Summit
*Brose, Clara Fort Collins Larimer
*Brown, Willie Pueblo Pueblo
*Brunk, Daisy Denver Arapahoe
*Collins, Laura Pueblo Pueblo
#Confar, Dolly Franceville El Paso
*Cordova, Ursula Conejos Conejos
*Dickson, Cora Golden Jefferson
*Gilbert, Ira Saguache Saguache
*#Graham, Leroy Greeley Weld
#Griffin, Roland Pueblo Pueblo
Heller, Willie Eagle Idaho
*Herpich, Anna Denver Arapahoe
*Lesher, Ella Fort Collins Larimer
McCabe, Hugh Empire Clear Creek
Morgan, Charles Denver Arapahoe
*Myers, John Denver Arapahoe
*Norton, Allie Golden Jefferson
Percival, Addie Florence Fremont
Prout, Jennie Golden Jefferson
#Quintana, Francisco West Las Animas Bent
*Sargent, Freddie Trinidad Las Animas
Smith, Walter Colorado Springs El Paso
*#Trujillo, Sixto Trinidad Las Animas

* - Pupils who have entered school since last report,
including re-admissions of old pupils who were not in school December 1, 1884.
# - Pupils who have left school since last report.

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